3dof 4 axis platform

3DOF 4 axis platform

Assembly 3dof 4 axis v17
Assembly 3dof 4 axis v16
Assembly 3dof 4 axis v1
Assembly 3dof 4 axis v2
Assembly 3dof 4 axis v3
Assembly 3dof 4 axis v11
4 Axis side + cockpit
4 Axis front
4 Axis side

Our standard 3dof 4 axis motion platform. You can order it complete with pedal mounting plate, steering wheel colomn (130st motor mount standard. i.e. Mige, Simucube) and seat mounting profile. Note: No seat.

Or just as a stand alone all round platform to mount your own cockpit on. You can specify the dimensions yourself. Standard dimensions according the pictures.

Heavy duty aluminium profile frame.

All components I make are CNC machined!

Aluminum components are white anodized and the black components you see are made from



3dof:                                           Pitch, Roll and Heave

Maximum accelleration:         1G* 


Maximum actuator speed:     250mm/sec

Straight lifting Load:                4,52kN nominal (continuous power) 17kN Max (for 2 minutes)

Rated current:                          10A (@ 4.52kN and 3000 rpm...)

Peak current:                            30A (= @ 4G accelleration!)

Actuator stroke:                       Standard 100mm (100mm+5mm)

L x B x H:                                   1200mm x 750mm x 700mm   (standard dimensions)

Control box:                              4 servo drives, AMC-AASD15A servo motion controller and EMI protection

Software:                                   Simtools (professional license key included) 

*Since this platform uses non captive actuators, anything above 1G accelleration will make the platform jump! Motors are easily capable of higher accelleration.

For pricing, options or an invoice please contact us.