6dof 7 axis

6DOF 7 axis platform

Assemlby 6dof platform v20 klein
Assemlby 6dof platform v21
Assemlby 6dof platform v22
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Assemlby 6dof platform v24
Assemlby 6dof platform v1
side dimensions 7axis
front dimensions 7axis
front dimensions 7axis plain
side dimensions 7axis plain

Innovative compact full 6dof motion platform. The best way to build a 6dof simulator in my opinion is to make a Stewart platform, certainly for a flight simulator. However a Stewart platform tends to be huge.

And it is more expensive to make, because you need a lower frame and a upper frame, not to mention the expensive joints.

Another big advantage that this platform has over a Stewart platform is safety. It is a lot lower to the ground and there are no places where bodyparts or fingers can get jammed up. You would never place a Stewart platform somewhere without a large safety parameter. All of the moving parts on this platform are hidden away, people can get much closer.

There can be an optional seatbelt tension bar installed on both sides.

Heavy duty aluminum profile frame.

All components I make are CNC machined!

Aluminum components in sight are white anodized and the black components you see are made from



6dof:                                           Pitch, Roll,Yaw,Sway, Heave and Surge

Maximum accelleration:         1G*    


Maximum actuator speed:     250mm/sec on all axis

Straight lifting Load:                4,52kN nominal (continuous power) 17kN Max (for 2 minutes)

Rated current:                          18A (=all motors moving at once, at nominal load, at 3000rpm)

Peak current:                            54A (= @ 4G accelleration!)

Actuator stroke:                       Actuators: Standard 100mm (100mm+5mm)

                                                    Sway: 150mm

                                                    Yaw: +/-10 degrees

                                                    Surge: 150mm

L x B x H:                                   1600mm x 1200mm x 700mm 

Control box:                              7 servo drives, AMC-AASD15A servo motion controller and EMI protection

                                                    4x 600Watt Nema 42 servo motor

                                                    2x 400Watt Nema 24 servo motor

                                                    1x 750Watt Nema 32 servo motor

                                                    You need a 3 phase 380V power  connection for this platform!

Software:                                   Simtools (professional license key included) 

*Since this platform uses non captive actuators, anything above 1G accelleration will make the platform jump! Motors are easily capable of higher accelleration.

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