About us

About us

As a precision mechanic I have an extensive background in precision machining. I am a part time freelance teacher where I work for an organisation that helps to reintegrate people into society that are long term unemployed. In regular education I have a supporting roll in helping teachers and students understand working with new cnc equipment and cad-cam software. And I work for different companies where I might help with cnc programming, tooling, fixures or mentor/supervice the younger less experienced.

Beside doing this I am quite experienced in retrofitting and building cnc machines; this is also where I learned most of the electrical systems you see me using in these simulators.

All of this and I have time to setup something like this. You might imagine it has taken me some time to develop all of this. Well as a young kid simulators always facinated me and even before I designed my own cnc router I was designing my own actuators and motion platform.

At this point I have my own shop, the know-how to make these systems and a vast experience in machining.

The goal is to keep on developing and researching this technology; bring in new ideas; bring in my experience; be open about my work and the technology I develop; create a platform to really help people get interested and educated in technology again; and help creating an interest in technology for our future technicians.

AttateQ stands for: Attaining-Technology-Quality

                                   Attaining: By researching, developing, trial and error, we will reach our goals

                                   Technology: We are all about Technology

                                   Quality: We strive to do things well and to a high standard