Assembly actuator presentatie 1 v3
Assembly actuator BLDC line v27
Assembly actuator BLDC line v28
Assembly actuator BLDC line v29
Non captive outer dim
Non captive exploded
flange dimensions

At this point this is the only type of actuator I make. A fold-back type has been designed, but still needs some work. For a non-captive system I would not use that anyway. It is better to have as less as possibly moving parts. The fold back type is nice if you want to make something like a Stewart platform. That way you won't have to build a support frame around the motor.

I use C3 high precision angular contact bearings for smoother motion and longer lifetime than the standard bearings. The ballscrew I use is a 20mm C7 rolled leadscrew with a 5mm lead.

High quality cnc machined finish on all parts. Visible aluminum parts are white anodized.

Actuator stroke is 50-100-150mm + 5mm. But I would suggest you go for the 150mm when using the AMC-AASD15A servo motion controller.

In the controller you can select the stroke of the actuator, this will make a 150mm actuator work exactly like a 50mm actuator. But you wil have the flexibility to use a stroke up to 150mm.

I found that 150mm is the maximum you should use for a non captive system. If you go any higher this will stress the components a lot and it wil make the platfom unstable.

Note that in order to make these work for a simulator you wil have to have a motion controller. The servomotors I use are compatible with the Sim feedback SFX-100 system and fully compatible with the AMC-AASD15A servo motion controller. I also make complete controller systems so you won't have to do any wiring yourself.

If you want to order, you can simply contact us via e-mail.

Please contact us if you want a longer stroke or if you want a custom design. I can quite easily adapt this design to custom specifications and this will not add a lot to the cost.